Has Something Happened in Your Life that You Would Like to See Played on the Stage at Wasa Teater?

At Wasa Teater, we want to collect true-life stories and dramatize them into a theatrical performance. And we need your help.

I’ll never forget…
The text message changed everything that day…
When the boss told me I was fired…
I’ve never told anyone…
I was forced to leave my home…

How does your story begin? And how does it continue? What happened to you?

Write to us about crucial life choices, unexpected events, secrets, sorrows, and joys. Your story can be about anything, but it must have happened during your lifetime and be connected to Ostrobothnia. By learning about others’ stories, we gain a greater understanding for each other, recognize ourselves in one another, and have the chance to live through completely new experiences.

Everyone has a story worth telling.

All information is treated confidentially. Please send us your story by 30 September 2022.

More information and Q&A

What should I tell about?

You can basically write about anything. Choose what is important to you. However, the story must have happened during your lifetime and be connected to Ostrobothnia. It can be about positive or negative consequences, a choice you made in life, something you regret, a secret you carry, or some event or societal change that was a turning point or carried great significance in your life. It can be about joy or sorrow. However, the story doesn’t have to revolve around major life-changing situations; instead, it can focus on everyday life, humour, and fun. Perhaps life has taught you a wisdom that you want to impart to others?

What is a connection to Ostrobothnia?

Some examples:

  • Your story takes place in Ostrobothnia
  • You live in Ostrobothnia
  • You were born in Ostrobothnia
  • You’ve moved to Ostrobothnia from another country or elsewhere in Finland
  • You’ve moved away from Ostrobothnia
  • You’ve visited Ostrobothnia or are a travelling Ostrobothnian

How to submit my story?

There are different ways. We want to make it as easy as possible for as many as possible.

  • Here below at you can upload your story file. You can also directly write/paste your story in the text box under “My story”.
  • If, for various reasons, you don’t want to write your story, you can leave your email address and we’ll contact you for an interview.
  • You can also send your story via mail to the address:
    Wasa Teater
    Kirkkopuistikko 16
    65100 Vaasa

Please send us your story by 30 September 2022.

How to write?

Formulate your story freely. It can be long or short. Remember that this is not a writing contest or grammar test. The most important thing is that your story is clearly presented in the text. You may also express yourself in poetic form.

Do I have to write in Swedish?

No. The performance will be in Swedish, but we’ll gladly receive stories also in Finnish and English. Texts that are translated from other languages into Swedish via various translation software are also acceptable. Please feel free to use dialects and sociolects.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. You’re free to choose whether you want to leave your contact information or not. In some cases, it’s possible that we would like to deepen the story with an interview, but you can choose whether you want to be contacted or not.

All information will be processed anonymously and with the utmost confidentiality. If you choose to submit your contact information, only the dramaturge in charge of the assignment will have access to the data.

No names will be mentioned in the performance, nor will it be revealed who is behind the story.

What now?

The goal is to compile a theatrical performance at Wasa Teater from a selection of the stories. The performance and its content will be completely determined by the submitted stories. Coordinator and dramaturge for the project is journalist and cultureworker Anci Holm.

Send your story or contactinformation

Write or copy your story in the textbox below or upload a file.