Cultural companion

Would you like to go to the theater but find it daunting to go alone? Now, in collaboration with the Red Cross and the City of Vaasa, you can call and request a cultural companion for company!

Cultural companions are volunteer peer guides familiar with the cultural offerings and trained by the City of Vaasa’s cultural services. Anyone can ask them to accompany them to various cultural venues. The companions can join you at museums, art exhibitions, theater and music performances, or other local attractions.

The cultural companion service is intended for all culture enthusiasts who want to explore the cultural offerings of the City of Vaasa more closely. The companion can guide an individual, a small group, or a resident of a service home with a personal assistant. If necessary, the companion can come to the person’s home to accompany them.

But do remember that the cultural companions’ services are based on voluntary work. The companions are not guides but ordinary culture enthusiasts who adhere to the principles of volunteer work.

You can request a cultural companion by contacting the coordinator of the Finnish Red Cross Vaasa branch, Kirsi Wik, at 044 763 1066 or

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